Where is the Location of the Museum of Bible History in Indonesia

Visiting the location

A museum is a place where objects that have history are stored. Many museums were established with various objects in them. The types of objects stored also vary. One type of museum that we can find is the biblical history museum. As the name suggests, this museum is a place for the public to see and study history, stories, or various kinds of information about human culture recorded in the Bible.

Of course all the information displayed becomes more interesting in the museum. In Indonesia alone, this biblical history museum is located in the Bible Center Building, Salemba Street no 12, Central Jakarta. The location is adjacent to the Indonesian Bible Institution building.

Visiting the location of the Museum of Bible History

The biblical history museum located in Jakarta is open to children to adults. So those of you who are interested in studying biblical history and want to know the culture of society at the time of biblical writing can come to this place. You are not just recreational, but also increase your knowledge.

One of the things that can be found in this museum is the largest bible in Indonesia which has been included in the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) and the smallest bible. In addition, various collections of past heritage items are neatly displayed in a glass cabinet.

In addition, in the biblical history museum located in Central Jakarta, visitors can see various versions of the Bible in various languages, complete history, and culture at the time of the biblical writing. Other collections owned are bible written by hand.

There are three hand-written bible collections that can be found in this museum and everything is neatly stored in a glass cabinet. Making handwritten bible is one of the fundraising actions for the procurement of bible and reading for children who live in rural areas.

When visiting this museum, you can also read books in a comfortable library, complete with wireless internet connection. You can register to join the Bible Tour Package provided by the museum. But register at least one week before arrival.