Museum of Bible History in America Function

Museum of Bible History in America Function

During this time we know the museum as a building that is used to store various historical objects. So what about the biblical history museum? Of course, as the name implies, the biblical history museum serves to store various historical objects related to the Bible.

This can be found in the biblical history museum in America. One of the American biblical history museums located in Washington DC. Known as the Museum of the Bible, this museum stores various kinds of artifacts and manuscripts from institutions, museums or private donors around the world. Steve Green became someone who was behind the establishment of this one biblical history museum.

Function of the Establishment of the Museum of Bible History in America

The biblical history museum in America, known as the Museum of the Bible, has been open to the public since November 2017. Located near the congress building, Washington DC, this museum displays a variety of varied scriptures, songs about the gospel, stories that use text Hebrew, to contemporary clothing with the theme of the gospel.

This museum does have a focus on giving teachings related to the guidelines for the gospel. In addition, the museum also focuses more on history, narration, and the impact of the Bible. Of course with the hope that people can be more obedient in studying the Bible.

In the construction of this biblical history museum, more than 100 scientists from various religious views were involved. Inside the museum, you can watch several colorful interactive art offerings. The goal is not only to educate people who visit. But also to entertain.

In the elevator you can also find interesting interactive art offerings. The museum was founded by Steve Green. Reportedly around $ 500 million was spent on the construction of the museum. Green himself is a conservative Evangelical Christian. He has spent considerable time disseminating stories about the gospel. The establishment of the Museum of the Bible had a controversy because it was called to have another purpose that was veiled.

Besides in Washington DC, there are actually many more scattered biblical history museums in America. It’s in New York, Dallas, and also Houston. All of these museums have the same purpose, namely to store various historical and important objects about the Bible. It can be an ancient bible, hand-written bible, or a unique collection like the Bible with a large size.

There is also a collection of new agreements and the first version of the old agreement. Of course all are interesting to see and love if you miss them. If you are going to the United States and are confused about where to go, maybe the biblical history museum can be an option. Not just a vacation, but you can also learn at the same time.