Museum of Bible History Establishment in Indonesia

Museum of Bible History

Have you ever heard about the biblical history museum? As the name implies, the biblical museum is a place that is used to store various collections related to biblical history presented chronologically. The location is in the city center, precisely in the area of the Bible Center Building, Street of Salemba number 12, Central Jakarta.

This Indonesian bible history museum is adjacent to the building with the Biblical Library and the Indonesian Bible Institute (LAI). Anyone can visit this museum indiscriminately. So if you are interested in learning about biblical history and community culture at the time of the biblical writing, then please visit this museum. Various amazing collections are displayed in this museum.

The history of the founding of the Museum of Bible History

LAI is an institution that has the authority to print and publish bible in various regional languages. Side by side with this institution stands the biblical history museum. To be able to enter this museum, you only need to pay only 3000 Rupiah. The museum can also be visited every Monday – Saturday.

The museum also offers Bible Travel Packages. But if you want to join this package, you must register at least one week before arrival. This bible tour package is perfect for those of you who want to come in groups ranging from 10 to 50 people. Together with the group you can see the direct process of printing the bible by LAI.

The establishment of the biblical history museum is intended to store various biblical collections. One of the collections that can be seen here is the largest bible in Indonesia which has been recorded in the record of the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI). In addition, various kinds of inheritance from the past are also stored in a glass cabinet or vitrin.

Not only that, visitors can also see three hand-written bible collections in this museum. To see it you only need to go to the front of the museum, precisely in the glass cabinet. This handwritten Bible is part of a fundraising action for the procurement of bible and reading for children in rural areas