Is The Bible Credible?

Is The Bible Credible

Is The Bible Credible? – If we are talking about any religious scripture’s credibility on the religious side, debates are likely to occur here and there. However, what if we are talking from the historical side? Other religious scriptures maybe too ambiguous to be regarded as so, but The Holy Bible begs to differ.

• What Makes The Bible Different Compared To Other Religious Scriptures?
Some religions are built with history, but not a lot record of the history in timelines that can be tracked. the Bible, on the other hand, has that feature. The kingdoms mentioned in it are real (see Canaan and Egypt) and therefore had been used by historians and archaeologists as a reference.

Though some parts, especially The Old Testament, were written in such a fantastical way, it seems unreal. The other parts actually had been discovered by experts and it hits people real just like hits online gambling players with all the best games.

• How Do We Know The Bible is Credible?
Of course, people who rely more on their logic will not believe that the Bible is credible without solid evidence, and will prefer to go back to their logic. Fortunately, there are solid evidence! Let’s start with the first four books of the New Testament – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

These four books contained the bibliography of Jesus Christ written by different people. Though we can see that the writing styles are different, we can see that most events told in a book check out with the other. Just like how we can read biographies of a celebrity and found roughly the same information, the four books show us the proof that the events are real enough to be mentioned in the same order by four different people.

Next up, let’s look for references outside the Bible. Apparently, there are historical records of events in the Bible outside the scripture itself. The most famous one is the records of Cornelius Tacitus, one of the pioneer historians of The Roman Empire and considered as the most accurate historian in his time. From an excerpt of his records, there mentioned the crucifixion of Jesus Christus by Pontius Pilatus. This excerpt didn’t only prove the Bible’s credibility, but also the existence of Jesus himself!

The main reason why archeologists and scientists throughout the world are still mulling over the Bible is none other than its historical records. After all, there are bible contents that check from one another and some events even mentioned in other ancient documents. To this day, new discoveries referenced from the Bible are still popping.