Is Jesus Real? These Discoveries May Make You Say Yes

Is Jesus Real These Discoveries May Make You Say Yes

Is Jesus Real? These Discoveries May Make You Say Yes – Thanks to Roman Conquest, Jesus became the most popular man on Earth since ancient times. However, some people have a hard time to believe he is real without solid evidence. Lo and behold, there are actually real evidence of his existence!
• Is There Any Physical Evidence?

Unfortunately, there is yet actual evidence we can touch that is directly connected to Jesus. Yes, the Shroud of Turin doesn’t count because the carbon reading leads to the 14th Century – way too late after the existence of Jesus which supposedly dates back in 30 A.D.

Other evidences such as holy nails, crown of thorns, and crucifix remnant are debatable either because: (1) they are found in tombs of people who are related to Jesus or has unknown identity, but no evidence directs the items to Jesus himself; (2) their condition doesn’t match the description in the Bible; or (3) the intact physical evidences we found today doesn’t reach 30 A.D. For those who believe in Jesus, this can be a little disappointing like when you lose at online slot games in and can’t get the prize.

• What About Written Evidence?
Fortunately, when it comes to the written evidence, Jesus’ existence is supported by various sources. First of all, let’s talk about the four bibliographies written by Jesus’ four disciples – Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. While there are details that are left out from a book but filled in the other, the four bibliographies recounted the important ones in the same chronological order. While it’s not hard to imagine that these four people orchestrated a big lie, it’s even harder to imagine that the Quran and Cornelius Tacitus are included in the scheme as well. That’s right, there are records outside the Bible that mentioned Jesus, too!

First of all, the Quran has been known to mention Jesus (written as ‘Isa’), Mary, and Zachary. Though the recount itself is not as complete as the four books in the New Testament, at least we know that there are others that acknowledge Jesus’ existence. The second one is a historical record by Cornelius Tacitus. Considered as the most accurate historian at his time, he wrote that Jesus Christus (now read as Christ) was crucified under Pontius Pilatus’ order.

The fact that Jesus was written ascended physically to heaven makes it difficult to track physical evidence of his existence. Otherwise, there are solid historical records that support his existence, starting from the Bible itself, the Quran, and even a Roman historical recording. Unless it is one big scheme, it’s hard to imagine why people from different nationalities would write about the same events.