Who is the Founder of the Museum of Bible History in America

Museum of Bible History in America

The biblical history museum in America or also known as the Museum of the Bible is a museum that holds narrative, historical, and biblical documentation. The location is in Washington DC and has been open to the public since November 2017. The Museum of the Bible has a collection of artifacts and biblical texts from all over the world.

This museum collection comes from collaboration between private donors, institutions, and other museums. In addition, the museum collection also comes from Steve Green, who is none other than the founder of the biblical history museum in America. The construction of this museum costs up to $ 500 million.

The person who founded the Museum of Bible History in America

The biblical history museum, better known as the Museum of the Bible, has been opened to the public since November 2017. It is located near the congress building, Washington DC, United States. If you visit this museum, you will find a variety of gospel books, songs, gospel stories with Hebrew texts, even contemporary clothing which are certainly scriptural themes.

There is a purpose behind the establishment of this museum. The focus of the Museum of the Bible is indeed to give teachings to the visitors regarding the gospel book. In addition, the museum also focuses on giving, history, narration, and impact on the Bible, with the hope that visitors will become more obedient in studying the Bible.

Steve Green is the man behind the Museum of the Bible. He was a conservative Evangelical Christian who had spent years to spread the story of the gospel. Inside the museum, Green displays a variety of impressive ancient artifacts. Some are loans fromĀ  and countries outside the United States. The other part is a collection of extraordinary antic goods belonging to the Green family.

While some of them are smuggled goods from Iraq purchased by the Green family. They said they never knew that the item was stolen goods that had been smuggled. Therefore Green did not mind if he had to return the items to his home country someday.

Green is known as President Hobby Lobby. He is the largest retailer of art and handicrafts in the world. In 2014, on religious grounds, the company won a case in the Supreme Court to reject contraceptive use for workers in Green-owned companies.

The establishment of the biblical history museum by the Green family is often called controversial. One reason is because many think that it is difficult for Green to be neutral. Because it would be very difficult to present the gospel in the way it was done. Many feel that the Museum of the Bible was founded with a veiled agenda.