The unique feature of Museum of Bible History in Indonesia

The uniqueness of the Biblical History

The biblical history museum is a place that serves to store various types of collections on biblical history. All collections are presented chronologically and interestingly. It is in the center of the city, precisely in the area of the Bible Center Building, Street of Salemba, specifically on Central Jakarta. This Indonesian bible history museum has a building adjacent to the Biblical Library and the Indonesian Bible Institute (LAI).

Both children and adults can visit this museum, indiscriminately. If you are interested in learning about the history of the Bible, including also about the culture of society when the biblical writing, you can visit this museum. A variety of amazing collections can also be found in this museum.

The uniqueness of the Biblical History Museum in Indonesia

The biblical history museum or known as the Biblical Museum has a variety of unique collections that you may not necessarily find when visiting other places. If you want to enjoy the collection, then you can immediately visit at a cost of 3000 rupiah.

The schedule for opening the museum is every Monday – Saturday. There are also tour packages offered under the name of the Bible Tour Package. If you want to register to join this package, you must register at least one week before arrival. This bible tour package is perfect for those of you who want to come together.

One of the unique things about sightseeing to the biblical history museum is that you can see the process directly from the bible printing press at LAI. In addition, here you can also watch the largest bible collection in Indonesia which has been recorded in the record of the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI).

There are also various legacies from the past that are stored in glass cabinets or vitrin. Visitors can also see three handwritten bible collections in this museum. The location is in the front of the museum, precisely in the glass cabinet. This handwritten Bible is part of a fundraising action to procure a new Bible in the Dayak language for the people of Central Kalimantan province.