States in America that have a Museum of Bible History

Museum of Bible History

The museum is a building that is usually used to store a collection of historical objects. One type of museum is the biblical history museum. As the name implies, the visitors can see various historical objects related to the bible in this one museum.

The biblical history museum can be found everywhere. Also included in the United States. If you plan to vacation in the United States, then you should not forget to visit this museum. The biblical history museum in the United States is divided into several locations. Some of these museums also have unique collections such as the hundreds of years old bible, ancient Torahs, papyrus, and so on.

Existing Museum of Bible History in the United States

The biblical history museum in the United States is divided into several states. One of them is in New York. The biblical history museum is known as the Biblical Art Museum (MOBIA). This place is often used as a place for bible art exhibitions and homes where a variety of rare collections from American Bible Society Bibles.

The collection consists of manuscript translations of Greek and Hebrew texts which took up to nearly 200 years in its making. MOBIA also often takes part in exhibitions with various book installation techniques to illustrate the role of the Bible in Western culture and art.

Apart from being located in New York, there is still another biblical history museum in other states. There is the Dunham Bible Museum in Houston. This museum is part of Houston Baptist University. In particular, the museum collects the Bible and has been established since 1997. In this museum you or people can find various collections of Bibles and Christian books that were purchased from a businessman in India.

After 17 years of being established, the collection from this museum also increased. In addition there are other developments also where the museum offers opportunities for students and tourists to explore the influence and importance of the Bible in history, government, education, literature, law, and culture.

Next is the Library of Congress Bible Collection in Washington DC. This museum or library has two monumental bible facing each other as if talking. One of them is the giant Bible Mainz which is a historic handwritten book. The other one is the Guterberg Bible.

There is also a biblical art museum in Dallas. The museum was built by Charles C. Ryrie in 2013. The collection of biblical texts in this museum is one of the most respected because there is a first edition of the King James version of the Bible (16110 and the new Wycliffe agreement (1430). Visitors will feel comfortable in the gallery because of its beautiful design, this gallery is designed in the form of rotating and equipped with paintings and sculptures on display in the gallery.