Museum of Bible History in Indonesia and What We Can Do in there

If you don’t know where you want to go on vacation this time, maybe the biblical history museum can be one of your goals. The biblical history museum or known as the Biblical Museum is a place where you can see and study history, stories, or various information related to human culture during the biblical record.

All information in this museum is packed with more interest so that visitors can enjoy it. You can also enjoy various kinds of unique bible collections stored in this museum. Ranging from children to adults can enjoy the collection in this museum.

Various Activities That Can Be Done in the Museum of Bible History

This biblical history museum is located next to the Biblical Library. Both of these buildings are located in the area of the Bible Center Building, located on Salemba Street number 12, Central Jakarta. What can be done when you visit the biblical history museum? Surely there are many.

Here you can study biblical history as well as community culture during the biblical period of writing. No need to worry about being bored because everything will be packaged more interesting. From children to adults, you can enjoy this biblical history museum. In addition, you can also read various kinds of unique bible collections stored in this museum.

This biblical history museum stores the largest size of the bible in Indonesia. This largest Bible has been included in the record of the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI). In addition there is also the smallest bible stored in this museum. All collections of historical items from the past can still be stored well in the biblical history museum.

Then, there are also three biblical collections which are handwritten. This hand-written bible collection is stored in a glass cabinet at the front of the museum. This handwritten Bible is a form of fundraising for the publication of the first biblical New Testament different language.